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Unique Eggs by Ruth - Real hand painted egg shells Easter or Christmas Ornaments

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Doodling and drawing have been my hobbies since I outgrew coloring books. I began doodling on notebooks in middle school, then progressed to creating intricate colored geometric patterns with colored pencils and compass when introduced to this tool in a math class.

After receiving a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Chicago, I went to work as a secretary and began serious doodling again, using a drafting pen and colored pencils. Eventually I decided to try the technique on eggshells, though exactly what prompted this urge remains a mystery.

I find that the egg is a perfect and intriguing form for transforming two-dimensional art into an interesting three-dimensional object. Having progressed through a number of techniques and styles over the years, I tend to repeat several of my favorites because creating them is such a pleasant activity. However, I constantly create new designs and try new materials, and I enjoy working with ideas from people who commission eggs with specific design elements.

I also find it fascinating to see how others have transformed the egg shape with their own visions, and how ancient styles continue to be popular while new themes and methods evolve.

Kats Korner
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Kats Korner
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