Unique Eggs by Ruth - unique hand-painted real eggshells Egg Gallery 04-Portfolio of fine art, hand-painted eggs
hand painted eggs make beautiful wedding gifts

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Each egg is carefully emptied, cleansed, dyed or painted with acrylics or left in its natural color (white, brown, green or blue), then decorated with freehand designs in India ink, gel ink, acrylic paint, paint pens or thread. Every egg is unique. If the egg shown is already sold, I will endeavor to create one with a very similar design especially for you.

Unique Eggs make great Christmas or Easter decorations, either hanging by their strings, in baskets or bowls for tabletop display, or in display stands or candle-holders for the mantel. If you are giving an egg as a gift, your input on the design will allow me to create a unique keepsake for your loved one.

Unique Eggs by Ruth can be purchased via PayPal or by mail order. Please see the Purchase Policy page for details.

Red Bubbles unique handpainted eggshell
Bubbles on Orange - 2004-1
Colored Bubble unique handpainted eggshell
Bubbles on Green - 2004-2
Colored Bubbles on Pink  unique handpainted eggshell
Colored Bubbles on Pink - 2004-3
Black Bubble Ring  unique handpainted eggshell
Black Bubble Ring - 2004-4
All-over Bubbles unique handpainted eggshell
All-over Bubbles - 2004-5
burst unique handpainted eggshell
Bursts - 2004-6
Bursts on Green unique handpainted eggshell
Bursts on Green - 2004-7
Bursts and Dots unique handpainted eggshell
Bursts and Dots - 2004-8
burst unique handpainted eggshell
Bursts - 2004-9

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