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Unique Eggs by Ruth

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  1. Are these eggs fragile?
    Yes, they are about as fragile as glass Christmas tree ornaments. The layers of acrylic spray make the artful egg quite a bit sturdier than the original eggshell.

  2. How long does it take to do one of these eggs?
    It takes over an hour to create a one-color-plus-India-ink chicken egg, and about twice as long for the multicolored creations. Of course, the larger the egg, the longer it takes.

  3. Where do you get the designs?
    Most of the designs are just fanciful creations, and some are from nature, such as the spider webs, nets, leaves and petals. I have also tried to recreate a few quilt patterns.

  4. Could you make a Unique Egg with my name on it?
    I certainly could make an egg with a name or other writing. However, I am not a calligrapher, so the “font” style might be unconventional or at least more hand-drawn than if printed.

  5. How long will a Unique Egg last?
    I have Vintage eggs created in about 1970, still in perfect shape, so I think they can last at least 35 years with proper handling.

  6. Do you sell your eggs wholesale?
    Wholesale pricing and postage will apply to consignment and direct sales to shops and catalog companies. Please contact me for details.


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